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A vasectomy is done to permanently stop the flow of sperm from the testicles into the ejaculate. The procedure involves dividing the vas deferens or spermatic duct. Usually “more” is done including removing a short segment, tying with sutures or clipping, cauterising the ends and/or trying to interpose “tissue” between the cut ends.

Vasectomy is one method of birth control. It is used worldwide, is very effective and safe and is the primary male method of permanent contraception. It is important that you and your partner are both in agreement that this is the method of contraception you would like to use. This procedure should be regarded as an “irreversible” procedure.

The operation does not render a man infertile immediately. Follow-up semen analysis is required before clearance can be given for unprotected intercourse.

A Vasectomy can be performed under local or general anaesthetic. Most patients are able to go home the same day with oral pain relief.